Save The Date To Vaccinate - Immunisation App For Families

By January 02, 2019

The new App "Save The Date To Vaccinate", has been created by the NSW Ministry Of Health. It is an easy-to-use reminder tool that helps parents and carers remember to vaccinate their children on time.

This app will create a personalised immunisation schedule for all your family members, complete with reminder notifications for when vaccinations are due.  You can also use the app to record your GP’s details, keep track of past vaccinations and play sounds to help soothe your child.

Key Features include:

• One calendar view for all your family’s recommended vaccinations
• Personalised immunisation schedules
• Helpful reminder notifications so you don’t forget to vaccinate
• Vaccination information
• Vaccination record keeping feature

For more information, please read the following: Save The Date To Vaccinate

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