The new App "Save The Date To Vaccinate", has been created by the NSW Ministry Of Health. It is an easy-to-use reminder tool that helps parents and carers remember to vaccinate their children on time.

Over a course of a year a 16-year-old Australian school boy, from Melbourne, hacked into Apple servers, stole 90GB of secure files and accessed customer accounts, using a system of "computerises tunnels online bypassing systems".


A child from Moonee Ponds, Melbourne was watching Peppa Pig on YouTube Kids while her mother was taking a conference call. Halfway through the episode, the character's voices disappeared and footage of a man kneeling about to be beheaded was being played. The mother just managed to switch it off before her child could see the gruesome clip.

Rapids is a storytelling app from Amazon, it uses a playful chat style for children. Each story has a text message dialogue between characters and readers can interact with the dialogue by clicking on the next chat bubble in the story’s sequence.

Today's technology can change the world and also it could be changing our children too. Children are often using technology for gaming and social media so does frequent use of tech make children more prone to the symptoms of (ADHD)?

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