In the city of Loudi, in China's central Hunan Province, dad Li sent his young daughter to Qinghuamiao Kindergarten. While he was watching the CCTV monitor outside, the teacher begins physically abusing his daughter for not putting on an apron. Li, could no longer watch the abuse and punches the teacher in the face.

Baby girl, Xiaoai, was celebrating her first birthday at a pool in south-east China, where she accidentally slipped out of her floating ring and struggles underwater for more than 90 seconds, while her mother was texting on her phone.

Baby Shark - is the song driving Educators and Parents insane, while children sing it over and over and over again. A catchy jingle about a shark family and matching moves it's no wonder children are going crazy for it!

Natasha Joy Ashton, of Manukau, New Zealand has been deregistered and ordered to pay $31,000 in costs after her "rough physical treatment'' of children and staff alike amounted to serious misconduct.

Australian digital media startup TotallyAwesome has launched a child-friendly incubator for kids in Asia Pacific who are keen to become YouTube content creators.

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