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It has been said in a report that many private schools in NSW are consuming lots of public money. It has been shown in the report that more than 36 schools are individually receiving more than sufficient funds than their requirements. It has also been said that these schools have received more than $1 million dollars individually in 2020. Needless to say, these are the wealthiest and most well-resourced schools in the state.

A six-year-old little boy becomes seriously injured after being attacked by two Wallabies, in Cairns. The boy has a serious wound on his head. Apart from the head, he has several injuries in his leg, chin, and torso.

Analysis suggests that commencement of math, for a child, should be started when they start to go to pre-school. This will refrain them from struggling with math in the future and also help them not to fall behind. According to the Australian think-tank the Centre for Independent Studies, University of Missouri Professor David C. Geary, maths intervention for the children who are struggling with it, generally starts late and is also not well-targeted. Math is one of the important subjects that are not only required for academic success but also need in the way of life. It is very important that we should offer our help to the struggling children at the earliest. 

Is Peppa Pig your child's favourite? Then bring your child to meet Peppa Pig in an interactive adventure at SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium & WILDLIFE Sydney Zoo. Mark the date quickly if you do not want to miss it. These events will continue on and from 1st April to 30th April 2022.

The new Disney movie Turning Red was released on 11th March 2022 and ignites controversies about its acceptability to children. The film has puberty and menstrual periods related hints and talks which seem inappropriate to some parents whereas some parents ignored to overreact over a natural phenomenon. The film has a PG mark that depicts the film is needed to see under parental guidance as some topics might not be suitable for your child.

A group of parents expresses their concern that due to the use of mobile phones at recess time or at lunchtime, children are forgetting or hardly interested to face to face communication with their peers and thus resulting in a lack of socialisation. 

Until April 29th, Darling Square is going to be home to Hello Kitty Town. Featuring one of Australia’s one of largest festivals known as Sanrio art exhibitions that are also held in the precinct. The features, atmosphere, and decorations are themed with Hello Kitty. It is a free outdoor festival with an offering of food and drinks. 

Every parent has the experience to cry in pain after putting their feet on the Lego bricks and after getting hurt by it. More or less we all know the pain. The good news is that we have not to bear anymore the pain as a man on the interwebs has invented a Lego-sorting vacuum cleaner attachment that would collect the bricks that are laid here and there on the floor and would arrange them in size.

Diversity is a complex matter to realise. We, adults, sometimes fail to accept diversity and remain constant with our preconceived notions. But the good news is that Australian parents are showing too much acceptability in understanding transgender and sexual diversity among children. The report suggests that Australian parents show supportive behaviour toward transgenders.

With the increasing rate of obesity in Australia, the Australian Government has taken a few strategies to reduce the overwhelming inclination of the public to consumption of junk foods. The junk food giants such as m&m, Mac Donald, Toucan Sam, etc may have an ending spell by receiving restrictions on its advertising methods.

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