Jamie Oliver Slams Malcolm Turnbull For Being Laggard On Children's Health

By August 23, 2018

Well known Chef and Restaurateur, Jamie Oliver has slammed Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull for his government's inaction on childhood obesity.

The celebrity chef called Turnbull a 'laggard' and said he couldn't be a 'great leader' unless he introduces a sugar tax.

“The sugary drinks tax is categorically the future. Why would you not fight for child health? How can you call yourself a great leader if you don't?" Oliver said.

Oliver says sugar tax is unavoidable and it is for the children also. Oliver played a leading role in the UK to campaign for introducing sugar tax and banning junk food advertising. He also helped to create the British child obesity strategy.

The sugar tax is designed to make soft drink manufacturers put less sugar into their product - with the revenue from the tax put directly into school sports and breakfast clubs.

“It's working and Aussie (sic) will do it one day,” Oliver said.

Australia's major political parties earlier this year poured cold water on introducing a sugar tax.

Cabinet minister Christopher Pyne said people needed to understand drinks including orange juice were full of sugar, and governments had to seriously consider the issue before rushing to intervene.

Mr Pyne said: 'Sugar in many respects is the enemy of good health, and obesity is one of the major causes of too much sugar intake, but whether governments should be taxing these particular products, where do you draw the line?'

"Jamie Oliver Slams Malcolm Turnbull For Inaction On Childhood Obesity", Daily Mail Australia, 14 August 2018

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