Warning Issued After 5 Year Old Swallows 30 Fridge Magnets

By July 27, 2018

Doctors are issuing a warning of the dangers of fridge magnets, after five years old, Noah Lefau from Melbourne was found on the ground curled up in pain. An X-ray revealed that he had swallowed 30 magnets, which he found as he climbed to reach them high on top of the fridge.

Dr Maurizio Pacilli, from Monash Children's Hospital, said: "They travel along the intestine and they are attracted to each other, trying to get together and by doing this, they create little holes inside the gut.”

“We had found 10 or 12 holes which we had to stitch one at a time, and we had to remove some parts of the intestine,” Dr Pacilli said.

It took medical staff six hours to remove the magnets.

Remarkably, Noah appears to have fully recovered and he now knows the only thing he should be putting in his mouth is food.

Doctors are now warning parents of the dangers of leaving them within the reach of children after seeing a rise in admissions to hospital.

“A few simple tips for parents – have a look when buying toys, make sure any magnets are secure and if they do come loose, dispose of that toy immediately,” Kidsafe Victoria’s Jason Chambers said.

“Also look for age recommendations in toys.”

Product Safety Australia recommends the following safe-use precautions for magnets: Keep toys with strong magnets, or magnetic parts that are small enough to be swallowed, away from young children; Always watch an infant when they are playing with toys that have magnets, to ensure they do not go in the child’s mouth; Always dispose of toys if their magnets become loose; If you suspect a child has swallowed magnets, seek urgent medical assistance.

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