Chole Ngyuen, 4 years old, swallowed tiny, magnetic balls while playing and was rushed to hospital. She was saved. Parents want to warn others about the dangerous and fatal incidents that could be followed by playing with tiny, attractive magnetic balls. 

Australian researchers have developed a screening tool to find out the children who are on the autism spectrum. This seems to be the most successful tool to detect autism around the world. A study of more than 13,500 Victorian children found the la Trobe university tools most effective in the world.

Children under 5 years in Australia still are not eligible for Covid 19 vaccinations. It is expected that it will come into action much after Easter.

NSW is offering all 4-year-old children free vision screening.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison, has called in necessary measures to investigate an illness allegedly linked to coronavirus that has emerged and killed 3 children in America recently. It is an inflammatory condition which resembles Kawasaki disease.

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