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American Academy of Pediatrics reported a statement that a growing body of scientific evidence shows that children being harmed by chemical foods they are eating.

Parents who come late to pick up their child after the centre closes, they face hefty penalties, as one mum experienced - who was charged $55 for one minute of lateness.

New, reports suggest that slime-based toys could be causing more harm than good, containing high levels of a chemical linked to convulsions, diarrhoea and impaired fertility.

Following a Fair Work Commission decision, from the first full pay period on or after 1 August 2018, most employees can take 5 days of unpaid leave to deal with family and domestic violence. 

Child spies, in the UK, are used for covert operations against terrorists, gangs and drug dealers by the British police and intelligence agencies.

Doctors are issuing a warning of the dangers of fridge magnets, after five years old, Noah Lefau from Melbourne was found on the ground curled up in pain. An X-ray revealed that he had swallowed 30 magnets, which he found as he climbed to reach them high on top of the fridge.

At a Fair Work Commision hearing, set in Sydney today, Early Childhood Teacher's will be demanding equal pay with Primary School Teachers, with an overall increase in salaries. It will be a pay rise of $32.000 if ECT's win.

Smartphones could be banned from schools as NSW orders a review of the benefits and dangers of children using smartphones inside a school. One of the major concerns being cyberbullying and safety.

Shona Sibary, a British journalist has caused controversy, on the UK "This Morning" show, by admitting she gives her children Phenergan Elixir on long haul flights to keep them calm and quiet.

Bangkok: All the 12 football team kids and their coach have been rescued from the world Tham Luang Cave, Thailand.The was lots of celebration across Thailand for the most daring rescue operation ever in a history.

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