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Today's technology can change the world and also it could be changing our children too. Children are often using technology for gaming and social media so does frequent use of tech make children more prone to the symptoms of (ADHD)?

While working with children, early childhood educators have an increased risk of contracting a range of vaccine-preventable diseases through their daily interactions with children.

For NSW children, from April 2018, children from 6 months to under 5 years will be offered free influenza shots.

Under the proposals put forward by the Government, children attending school in England will have to learn first aid.

In Victoria, there are loopholes that allow violent sex offenders obtain working with children checks by appealing to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) when working with children's checks had previously been denied by officials.

An Educator has faced penalties for "serious misconducted" after asking a toddler to bite the finger of another child.

Year 12 Students, in Victoria, who failed their Year 12 exams are being accepted into teaching degrees at University, despite failing at their own education.

There were chaotic scenes at dozens of Coles supermarkets, across the country on Saturday as eager parents and children rushed to supermarkets to swap Little Shop miniature collectables.

National Science Week is Australia’s annual celebration (11 - 19 August 2018) of science and technology. It aims to encourage younger children to become fascinated by the world we live in.

Western Australia is introducing an innovative new app for children to learn about road safety, free for schools and children around the nation. Students interact directly with Augmented Reality characters in risky travel situations identifying safer choices at their own pace. 

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