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The Nip Allergies In The Bub is a website which provides practical information to Parents and Professionals about when and how to introduce the common allergy-causing foods as well as how to optimise eczema management for allergy prevention.

After testing squishy toys in Denmark and found them to contain highly hazardous chemicals, Australian consumer regulators are currently investigating the same toys here to see if they also contain hazardous chemicals.

When Parents went to pick up their 8-month-old from Primary Learning Academy and Daycare, Memphis, USA, at 4:15 pm, they arrived to the centre being locked, the air conditioning was turned off and all the Educators had gone home.

Principal, Kristine Sleeth Lemon of Burrowes State School, QLD, has introduced fees for Parents to pay if they drop off their school children before 8:30 am.

Katy DePue, from Westminster, Colorado in the US, removed her three-year-old daughter Alayna from Westminster Recreation Centre after the preschool refused to accept her life - saving EpiPen.

Rosa Riak formed a company called The Deng group and employed dozens of people who pretended to care for children in their own homes, in Melbourne's west. At least $955,438, was paid out in fake claims and the company received up to $159,300.

Gel blaster toy guns, which fire gel balls could be banned by authorities in Queensland, as they look too much like real assault rifles.

A new report by the Centre of Independent Studies found that some parents face wait lists for up to 2 years for a spot in the babies room - for children under 2.

Four hundred scholarships will be available for students starting studies in 2019 in Victoria. The Early Childhood Scholarship Program will offer up to $26,250 towards costs of course fees, study materials and related expenses for the bachelor qualification and up to $16,000 towards a postgraduate qualification.

Over 160 family daycare providers have been forced to shut down throughout Australia after operators were allegedly found falsely claiming subsidies.

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