Preparing Kids For Adulthood With $30 Million Mini Mock Up City

By September 19, 2018
Preparing Kids For Adulthood With $30 Million Mini Mock Up City Kidzmondo Abu Dhabi

Melbourne Eastern Suburbs is preparing for a new attraction for children. A state of the art "mini-city" designed to prepare kids for adulthood. Children can choose from 80 different professions to manage the city which has its own airport, fire station, hospital and race track.

KidsMondo is an indoor attraction, with state of the art facilities, where kids can roleplay and explore adulthood in an environment where they can experiment.

KidzMondo Australia chief Norman Gray says "The KidzMondo Educational Curriculum also improves the development of interpersonal skills and positive attitudes, while motivating creative thinking,' he said.

Whether it’s taking care of patients as a doctor or nurse or saving lives as a fireman, kids develop skills in four main areas: psychomotor development, cognitive development, emotional intelligence, and social development".

Children enter the attraction through a mock airport with a 'boarding pass' and they use the local 'Kidlar' currency that they earn from jobs to pay for things.

The theme park is expected to target schools excursions but the cost of a general admission ticket for a child is estimated to be about $39.

Construction is due to start later in the year, at Box Hill Institute’s Lilydale campus. The park is expected to open its doors in 2020.

Brook, Mark "Mini City Designed To Prepare Kids For Adulthood, Coming To Melbourne Eastern Suburbs", Daily Mail Australia, 18 September 2018


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