National Science Week 2018

By August 12, 2018
National Science Week 2018 QRevolution

National Science Week is Australia’s annual celebration (11 - 19 August 2018) of science and technology. It aims to encourage younger children to become fascinated by the world we live in.

As Educators one way to get involved during science week is to plan science experiments for the children to be involved in, this develops the children's curiosity and challenges their thinking.

The following are 5 simple science activities for children that can be done for each day during the week. Each experiment uses items that you should already have within your service or are easy to find.

Fizzy Soda Blobs - A fizzling science experience that creates art during a chemical reaction. A super simple science activity for children to do by themselves.

Shaving Cream Rain Clouds - Here is an easy and colourful science experiment that demonstrates to children how rain is produced.

Coke and Mentos Geysers - Using just 2 ingredients make an awesome geyser, a great experiment which all children will enjoy.

Glow In The Dark Lava Lamp - Another easy science experiment, using household ingredients to create this cool lava lamp that glows in the dark.

Salt Crystal Rocks - Here is a simple science activity using PVA glue and salt to form salt crystal rocks. They look great and last a long time!

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