Children's Book Involving Gay Marriage, Feminism and Motherhood

By August 03, 2018

Suzanne Hemming, 45, from London has released a children's book called "The Queen Engineer". It tells a story of a princess called Florence who is determined to be an engineer, learns about gay marriage and is determined to become an engineer rather than marry a prince.

In the story, Florence uses her engineering skills to save her dad from an accident and realises that when she becomes Queen, she can be a wife, mother and an engineer.

The story also includes Princess Florence discovery that her former nanny is married to another queen which is inspired by the authors real life. Suzanne's daughter's Thea real-life babysitter married a woman.

Suzanne told Femail: 'Thea and I watched the wedding and she exclaimed that she looked like a princess. She then said, "Mama, has Jem's prince got long hair?"

'I replied that Jem's prince was, in fact, a princess, that sometimes princesses fall in love with princesses, and that princes sometimes fall in love with princes, and that the important thing is that people are happy.

She accepted this, without question, in a way that children often do. She simply said, OK.

'And I thought, "of course, why wouldn't she just accept this? Kids just do".

Suzanne wanted to write a book about a princess, knowing her daughter and other young girls love the theme,

But she didn't want to make it all about 'pink, passive princesses waiting to be saved by Prince Charming. So I thought why can't the main character be a princess and enjoy maths and science? Why can't she have plans to be an engineer?.

'The message of the book: be whoever you're meant to be in life, even if you're many different things, you'll be happy just as long as you're you.'

The Queen Engineer is available on Amazon.

Brennan, Sophia "Politically Correct Children's Book Ever", Daily Mail UK, 3 August 2018

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