Analysis suggests that commencement of math, for a child, should be started when they start to go to pre-school. This will refrain them from struggling with math in the future and also help them not to fall behind. According to the Australian think-tank the Centre for Independent Studies, University of Missouri Professor David C. Geary, maths intervention for the children who are struggling with it, generally starts late and is also not well-targeted. Math is one of the important subjects that are not only required for academic success but also need in the way of life. It is very important that we should offer our help to the struggling children at the earliest. 

The following lists cultural and special events that are taking place in December 2020. This should help you to plan and organise for upcoming events and celebrations for December 2020.

Nearly 60 early childhood services across NSW reported gastro outbreaks since October 2020, with over 480 children and 120 educators infected with gastro.

The following webinar "Spotlight on Innovative Play Spaces: Strategies For Encouraging Creativity In Children" is free for all Educators and will discuss the importance of allowing children time to be creative; examples of creative tasks that extend over time and tips for displaying artwork creatively.

The Fair Work Commission has made changes to the Children's Services Award 2010, which includes non-contact time for educational leaders, hats and sunscreen allowance for educators and changes to rostering.

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