An inner-city Melbourne childcare centre is replacing a visit from Santa at the end of year party, with a visit from the Sustainability Pirate instead.

In the city of Loudi, in China's central Hunan Province, dad Li sent his young daughter to Qinghuamiao Kindergarten. While he was watching the CCTV monitor outside, the teacher begins physically abusing his daughter for not putting on an apron. Li, could no longer watch the abuse and punches the teacher in the face.

In Melbourne's south-east, a centre has cancelled its Christmas pageant due to cultural sensitivities, after a parent had complained.

 Eligible services in NSW rated Working Towards the National Quality Standard (NQS) are being given an opportunity to participate in a Quality Support Program.

From July 2020, early childhood services in NSW will have to display their National Quality Standard rating under a simplified star system.

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