One Miserable incident has happened in New Zealand when a mother used a vacuum cleaner to clean her house.  An accident suddenly took place and the little one had a burnt on his leg. She posted this incident on social media groups as a warning for other mothers. According to her, though vacuum cleaners are very useful house cleaning accessories parents need to be careful as it is a very strong and powerful devices that may cause accidents.

An inquest is currently underway, in Auckland NZ, regarding the death of a four-year-old at a childcare centre in 2016. The child was playing on a toy slide when the incident occurred.

Twenty - two month old Neihana, from NZ, had choked on a chunk of a big piece of an apple given to him by Educators and was in cardiac arrest for half an hour. Neihana was left severely disabled.

In New Zealand, over the next 6 weeks, McDonald's will be distributing Roald Dahl's entire collection of books to replace the toy, a child typically receives with their Happy Meal.

An Educator, from Auckland New Zealand, was left in disbelief and shock when only receiving 2 cents as her final pay cheque, after getting fired 5 days before Christmas.

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